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Our Team Events

What's Shakin' at Cooper Creek Dental

Our 2014 Christmas Party started at Painting with a Twist and finished at Puccini's. We had a great evening with the staff.

We started with a blank Canvas! ~Angela and Dr. McAvoy

Gina won this painting for having the most Facebook likes on her painting!


Us girls having a fun time! ~Dr. McAvoy, Kelley and Amy



The Cooper Creek Team's final painting!

Back row from left: Heather, Stacey, Klara, Kelley, Dr. McAvoy, Gina

Front row: Tami, Dr. Mooney, Angela, Denise and Amy


Dinner at Puccini's, they made the food right in front of us!


March 2014 we completed our first team 5K, Run or Dye. We had a blast!! See photos below for more pics that will make you dye...

From left back row: Connie, Dr. Mooney, Emily

Front Row: Martha, Heather, Katie, Klara, Dr. McAvoy, Kelley, Tami and Mark

Children are Madison, Donegan and Joshua


~Kelley, Heather, Tami~

~Kelley, Heather, Tami, Dr. Mooney and Klara~


Cooper Creek Dental Sponsors a U5 Soccer team called Blue Sharks. Go Blue Sharks!!!!


We love the Orioles! Our team at a spring training game in 2014.

~Emily, Dr. Mooney, Susan, Stacey, Heather, Dr. McAvoy, Kelley, Klara and Katie~


Halloween at Cooper Creek Dental. Our office was full of Drama Queens that day. Congrats Tami for winning the best Drama Queen Costume!!

~Heather, Denise, Dr. Mooney, Stacey, Klara, Katie, Anna, Dr. McAvoy, Kelley and Tami


We feel blessed that we have the best staff in town!!!!


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